Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google Panda Update and SubDomains

In recent time, it has been seen that some of website hit by Google Panda Update have recovered their ranking. Google has certainly stressed quality, and victims of the update have been striving to improve it, but have had little luck in terms of boosting their rankings for the most part. Here we you will read discussion with Dani Horowitz of DaniWeb, she discusses her experience on Google Panda Update. She also discusses some important points that worked amazingly helping in recovering of content ranking. Actually it is hard to say that having subdomains is the sole solution for Google Panda Updates but in this article you will also read about how subdomains played a significant role in ranking.

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  1. Hmm subdomains can help recover lost page rankings? I've been trying to recover the few page positions I've lost, but was very wary about doing more SEO since I've heard that can work against you now. But I'll try out the subdomains strategy. Thanks